Default should be that a timer automatically stops when another timer is started.

For new accounts, the default is to disable automatic stopping of one timer when you start another. The default should be to ENABLE this.

Reason: Presumably, the vast majority of companies that need to track their time, do it so they can know how much to bill their clients. You just can't bill two clients for the same hour. You will always have just ONE external project running.

New users don't intuitively find the "enable" option, and end up stopping each timer before starting another one.

It's an extra step and extra work to instruct all new users to change the setting to "enabled", and then follow up on it. But there is no way around it, we have to do that for all new users.

Can you consider changing the default, or at least giving the system administrator the option to choose what the default for new users should be?

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