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How do I sync my Yast Mobile App with my desktop?

I am keeping track of my time on my Yast Mobile App while away from the office.

I especially need to track time spent with individual clients.

I thought when I opened my desktop this morning it would already have automatically synced with my mobile App.

Thanks for helping to clarify how to do this.

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  • Yast (Company Admin) January 04, 2018 21:26
    Hi Mary Kathryn 

    The Yast mobile app is directly linked with the Yast webpage.
    If you do something in the Yast App it's immediately registered in the Yast system. Refresh the Yast webpage to load the latest changes in the app and vice versa. 

    I suspect you might've been out of internet reach when you recorded your hours. Try connecting your mobile to the internet and refresh the app with the button in the upper left corner. 

    I hope this clarifies things a bit, and that it helps you solve your issue. 

    Kind regards
    Knut A. 

    Yast Support
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