Work hours that span midnight do not appear on the timeline

Can work hours span from one day to another?

For example, I begin a timer at 11 PM on Monday and end it at 2 AM on Tuesday.

On my timeline, the work hours are non-existent (they simply don't appear). All other work hours for the prior day (Monday in this scenario) appear.

When I expand the project, I can see the item in the list. It appears as "15.8 Mon 22:43 - 02:18 (3:35)". So, from this, I can tell that the hours have been correctly calculated, but it isn't appearing in the timeline.

Should I expect to see the work hours in the timeline (spanning across midnight from Monday to Tuesday)? Is this is a problem? Any suggestions on what might be going on?

Please let me know if you need any additional information.
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